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Hoist Cranes Dealers & Distributors

Are you an overhead crane service company that sells rope guides or crane safety devices?

As a dealer you will receive special dealer pricing that is considerably less than the posted retail price. You can then sell our parts and components at the recommended list price (or whatever price you see fit).

This can amount to a substantial profit for you as our rope guides are often priced 10% to 50% more competitively when compared to the original manufacturer’s rope guides.

Benefits of being a dealer :

  • Competitive dealer pricing
  • Free shipping to the USA or Canada
  • NET 30 purchasing
  • Installation and service technical support
  • Emergency delivery time on some products

There is no required amount that we request you stock or sell, as long as you can meet the following criteria:

  • Company that specializes in the service, maintenance or manufacturing of overhead cranes and hoists
  • Recommend our rope guides as an alternative to the OEM rope guides

We already keep many rope guides in stock, and if you are located in the USA or Canada, free shipping is included in all listed dealer prices.

Request information about our Rope Guide and Limit Switch Distributor program by filling out the form below:



Request information about our Rope Guide and Limit Switch Distributor program by filling out the form below.

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