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Spare and Replacement Crane & Hoist Parts

Is your crane using vintage parts? Perhaps your crane is down and the delivery time for a new part is too long.

If the original manufacturer for your crane is no longer in business or their delivery time is too long, don’t worry. Our team of experts can quickly custom manufacture the part you need.

Any part we manufacture is designed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications, and meet the strictest standards set by CMAA, ASME B30.2, CSA B167, and OSHA 1910.1789 standards.

Our team of experts can take your old parts, reverse engineer them, and manufacture for you brand new replacement parts.

With over 40 years experience custom replicating parts for a variety of cranes and hoists, we can reverse engineer almost any parts. Our experience includes working with a variety of materials and nylon plastics.

Our shop is includes a team of draftsman and machinists using the latest in CNC equipment and conventional machining.

Whether you need new brakes, wheels, gears, shafts, drums, sheaves, rope guides, or anything else. You name it, we can do it.

Can’t find the part you’re looking for?

Contact Us in the form below to request parts, or request custom manufacturing of hard-to-find parts.

Hoist & Crane Parts

Quality spare and replacement parts for all makes and models of hoist and overhead cranes.
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Customs & Replications

Have an old or obsolete part that’s no longer available? Let us manufacture for you a new one.
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Repairs & Service

We repair parts for cranes and hoists. Whether you need brakes relined, motors rewound, or anything else.
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Personal customer service

We take a tailored & expert based approach towards consulting you about your orders. Our goal is to make sure each order fits your project’s needs!


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simple returns

We offer a simple return service on all products backed by warranty. Not sure? Check the warranty details on the product’s page on our site.


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40 years of expertise

With 40 years of experience in the business, we have enough knowledge & experience to offer our clients recommendations about any parts, products and customizations.